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Lymphocytes are one of the most important white blood cells in our body that make our immune system strong. They are generally categorized as T cells and B cells. T cells protect us from the foreign tissues, viruses, and bacteria, whereas B cells develop Y-shaped protein in our body. Both of them need to be in the right numbers in the body.

During an attack on the body’s immune system, the size of some white blood cells increases that are termed as atypical lymphocytes. It also causes a decrease in the number of white blood cells. If you want to increase, we have mentioned below five ways to increase them:

  1. Avoiding high-fat foods

The size of lymphocytes thickens by the fat nutrient and result in lowering their efficiency. Your immune system can be greatly improved by minimizing the consumption of fat in your diet. Along with that, try to avoid Trans or saturated fats and replace them with the mono & poly-unsaturated fats.

Ensure that the daily fat consumption remains below 30% and avoid commercial baked goods & fast foods.

2.Consuming citrus fruits

The physicians and doctors strongly advertising the number of citrus fruits in your diet for increasing lymphocytes. These fruits have an abundance of vitamin C that is also strongly helpful in making your immune system better.

Some of the most common citrus fruits are pomelo, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, clementine, and Meyer lemon. Furthermore, the majority of these fruits are tasty to eat and loved by the people.

3. Eliminate alcohol from your life

Your condition can become worse by drinking alcohol regularly if you have alow number of lymphocytes in your body. As we all know, there are some harmful substances in alcohol that isn’t good for the white blood cells.

4. Eating Foods having Beta Carotene

The immune system gets a huge boost in the number of lymphocytes with beta-carotene. In addition to that, it also offers protection to our body from conditions like stroke, cancer, and heart diseases.

As per doctor’s recommendation, it is beneficial to consume 10,000 to 83,000 IUs daily. It is basically a fat-soluble vitamin that helps in absorption. This nutrient is available in carrots, cantaloupe, spinach, romaine lettuce, and butternut squash.

5. Eating zinc-rich foods

Lymphocytes can increase by eating foods that have zinc. The body needs a suitable amount of this nutrient to make white blood cells and that why it is strongly advised to add it to your diet. Males should try to eat a daily intake of at least 11mg, whereas the females should add at least 8mg of zinc per day.

If you are pregnant women, then you should eat at least 11 mg zinc in a day. Some good sources of zinc are acrab, beef, beans, fortified cereals, oysters, and dark meat turkey.

If you are really looking to increase the number of lymphocytes in your body, then follow the above-mentioned methods. You will surely see some incredible results in a matter of days.

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