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Best Beauty Buys

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For women a purse or a handbag is more than just a place to stash their cash.  A woman tends to carry their world in them. A woman’s handbag is more like a home away from home for them, containing all the essentials they need to get through their day, be it in office or a get together or any other event.

The components of each woman’s office bag, purse, satchel or handbag is unique but there are still some basic items that you’ll find in every woman’s bag.

Before we begin to reveal what they main components of a woman’s handbag are, one should know that a woman prides herself on the way she is respected by people and valued. She in turn values herself by making an attempt to look good. This attempt has been made easier by online beauty care product websites coming up that cater to all needs of a woman. Websites like Nykaa, Amazon beauty, offers a chance to buy cosmetics online and beauty care products online. These sites offer some of the best beauty products in India, from the best beauty product brand. Nykaa and Amazon beauty products section offers all sorts of beauty care and women’s essentials and all these products come at cost effective prices with free online shipping.

Best Beauty Buys

Here’s a list of beauty products that you must carry in your purse:

  1. A Concealer Stick- A concealer has the ability to even out your complexion and helps hide skin imperfections in quick time. A shade of concealer that is closest to your natural complexion would help your skin blemishes disappear which would leave your skin looking flawless. Nykaa and Amazon offer the best beauty care products online along with other beauty products in India for fairness and skin tone enhancement from the best beauty care product brands. A concealer comes in a stick format and can be applied under the eyes, around the nose or anywhere on your skin when it is starting to look tired or red and the best part of all of these is that it fits perfectly in office bags for women or purses.
  2. Your Favorite Lipstick- A lipstick of the right shade when applied in a proportionate way can make or break a look. Sometimes even applying a slight shade of it can brighten up your look adding a touch of glamour. Many other women prefer the deep red that matches their skin and goes with their skin tone. Whatever be the color of the lipstick you prefer to use, one thing must be made sure that the lipstick should be organic because it goes near your mouth. Thus it makes a lot of sense to actually invest in a high-quality brand of lipstick and a beautiful shade that suits your skin tone and enhances your look. Nykaa coupons and Amazon coupons can be used to avail discounts on shopping for beauty care products from their website.
  3. A Nice Perfume- A perfume is one of the beauty products that is the most likely to not last throughout the day. It makes good meaning to invest in a small sized bottle of perfume that can be easily carried in your bag. It doesn’t take up much space of your purse and it makes sure you always remain the focus of attention by smelling like a dream. For they say, it’s never a bad time to smell good.
  4. A Multi-Functional Cream- Your skin is one of the most delicate parts of your body and it needs constant care and pampering from you to make it look lively and energetic, especially the parts of your skin that comes under the notice of others. Flaky elbows, chapped lips or lizard hands are a huge turnoff and you sure won’t want to walk around the streets or your workplace cutting a sorry figure walking with these skin imperfections. Multi-Purpose skin cream is a vital need for your purse as it comes handy and is a life saver for many instances.
  5. Lip Balm- A Lip Balm is the most essential beauty care product for women throughout their entire lives. You, as a child too must have carried a lip balm in your school bag or purse. Lips are very sensitive and are very prone to peeling, dryness and cracking. Thus it is always very handy to have a lip balm in your purse to save yourself from chapped and dry lips. Winters especially call out loud for a lip balm to be always carried in your office bag or purse or handbag, as you like to call it.
  6. A Good Compact- As the day progresses tiredness creeps in be it from a tough days’ work or meeting relatives at a wedding or going around with your fiancée looking for a new apartment. You should always make a point to carry a compact powder with you at all times to keep your face glowing and to make you look fresh. In addition to evening out skin tone and controlling shine, all good compact has a built-in mirror that allows you to do a quick “how do I look” check. A compact is easy to carry and is lightweight and fits in just perfectly in your handbag and purse and comes handy many a time in the day to day life.
  7. Hair Bands-India is a land of strange weather and climate. Sometimes it decides to rain on a fine sunny morning and sometimes it starts getting stormy on what was supposed to be a fine spring evening. The weather can be humid, hot, rainy or windy it can affect the way you flaunt your luscious locks, and of course having a bad hair day leads to the massive level of drop in confidence even for the most self-confident woman. The solution to turning a bad hair day into a good one is simple. You just need to tie your hair into a ponytail, a braid or a bun with the help of elastic hairbands. These come in handy at the neediest times and some must be kept in your purse at all times, just in case the weather starts to get rough.
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