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Artificial Intelligence

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Right from day one, that is the invention of fire and afterward the wheel, technology has always made life better for humans. Even today, it is the same. There are many industries which have undergone a major change with new innovations. And the new innovative technologies, you must have heard their name. Cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and a few more. In this article, let us focus on the changes brought about by artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Yes, we can understand the doubts in your face as you read the article. The healthcare industry does not just allow any new technology to make a difference in its field. The reason, any small mistake may lead to loss of human life or injury to body parts. But with regards to artificial intelligence, the industry has so far been supportive. Many implementations have ended in positive changes in the healthcare industry.

Changes Brought About By Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

At present, it is estimated, that 86 percent of healthcare organizations at various levels have implemented artificial intelligence as part of their operations. In the next year, the budget spent on this new technology will reach nearly 54 million dollars.

Shall we go into the details one by one, as to how artificial intelligence has brought the changes in health care?

1. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Management of Medical Records

If it is the healthcare industry, then there must be medical records. And when you go for a regular check-up with your physician, you need to take the medical records. But now, the changes will come. Your records will be stored in the AI database. In need, the tool can look and then generate or reproduce the medical records in a short time.

medical record

Let us visualize a situation. You work in Bangalore in one of the top home improvement companies. With regards to keeping in good health, You have hired a personal trainer in Bangalore. But still you have a problem with high blood pressure and go to a hospital for every month check-up. Each time the assistant has to take the file from the storage room. But with AI, the files will be stored in the database, and the physician can just look on his computer to give the best treatment. This is a change that will be brought about by artificial intelligence in healthcare.

2. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Repetitive Jobs

Have you ever gone to a diagnostic center? There are some manual jobs such as data entry, CT scans, and analysis of tests. These jobs need to be done again and again. Instead, a robot with AI applications can complete the jobs in a more efficient manner and in a short time. The change will definitely be made by artificial intelligence in healthcare in the future.

3. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Treatment Design

Let us take a case study. One of the seniors in your family has been diagnosed for an operation procedure. Because he has blood cancer, there are other tests to be conducted before the operation. When the results come out, then the physician has to look at every report and decide to conduct the operation or not. But an AI tool can easily scan multiple reports and give the perfect result.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Digital Consultation

Will you believe that there are some apps which can give medical consultation? Yes, it is true. And they work on artificial intelligence algorithms. For example, Babylon app. So, if you are suffering from any disease, you can report the symptoms to the app. It will first check into its database, and then give a suitable action based on your medical history.

5. Virtual Nurses

Have you heard about Alexa? The device where you can give commands to the home electronic appliances to do the jobs. Okay, so you understood. If Alexa can be labeled as a virtual assistant, you can call Molly as a Virtual nurse. This AI application can help monitor the condition of the patient and follow-up on treatments. It can also schedule visits to the doctor.

6. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Drug Creation

drug creationIf a new drug has to come to the market, how long will be the duration right from preparation and testing to the target audience? You will not believe the time. It takes right from ten years to two decades for a single pill to make it to the market. The reason, testing procedures. But with AI, the time for checking, analyzing will become less.

Artificial intelligence in health care could also benefit in another way. If an epidemic, in an unfortunate situation hits a city, then able medical assistance has to be made ready. So a lot of people have to undergo testing, and the reports should be generated at a fast pace. All applied tools can help give the reports in quick time.

7. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Precision Medicine

Well, this field is yet to get popular, but in the future, it can prevent many diseases. When you implement AI algorithms in healthcare, early stages of diseases such as cancer can be identified and suitable steps are taken.


The changes brought about by Artificial intelligence in healthcare is still in the initial stages. But definitely, it is for the benefit. Yes, there are concerns regarding miscommunication, privacy, and fears of errors when it comes to the usage of AI applications. Yet, the healthcare industry is keeping its fingers crossed when it comes to making changes in health care via artificial intelligence applications.

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