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Best Cardio Exercise

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There are many reasons why you want to pick cardio over other forms of exercise. First of all, it makes our muscles move which is important to health. Also, another important reason is that you can lose belly fat.Best Cardio Exercise Belly fat is the cause of why you are unable to fit into a tighter shirt or dress and it is the reason you have to deal with hurdles from time to time. It can be that you are at the office and you feel uncomfortable when someone stares at your stomach. If you have a flat tummy, it would not be a problem and you will have all the confidence in the world. Let us see which is the best cardio exercise you can do at home.

The whole workout session is going to last for only ten minutes and you are always welcome to substitute any of the steps with a skipping of one minute.

  • Sets of rocket jump

Start with rocket jumps. Do 2 sets where each has 15 reps.

Stand with feet away from each other and bend your legs. Place hands on thighs and jump. When you jump your hand should be over your head and the whole body should be in an extended position. Get down from the jump tenderly, relocate your feet and continue in the same way. To make it more challenging, begin in a low squat position and hold a bottle or weight in two hands at the center of your chest.

Regaining energy: jog or walk in the same place for 20 to 50 seconds.

  • Star squats or jumps

You need to position your hands and feet to look like a star. To do that, stand tall and have the knees bent. Then jump and make your hands straight and legs go in different directions. You know you are doing it right if you resemble a star.

If you think this is tiring, do squats. Stretch out your hand and be a position where you are almost sitting. Thighs have to be parallel to the ground and only the soles of your feet should touch the floor.

Regaining energy: jog in the same spot for half a minute.

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  • Tap backs

You will have to do two sets of 15 reps or more depending on how you feel.

Take your right leg to the back and swing your arms in the front and repeat with the other leg. You should follow a rhythm and your shoulders and hips have to face in the front direction. You can jump but keep the knees tender while landing.

Regaining Energy: walk for fifty seconds or till you feel better.

  • Burpees

You have to get into squat position or get hands on the ground and sit like a Frog. Get into push-up position and jump to your feet with hands over your head. If this is difficult try standing rather than the jump.

All such exercises are beneficial for while using Progentra. The whole workout session should take 10 minutes from your daily routine.

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