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Internet has become a part and parcel of our life. In today’s fast paced life, google and the search engines stands out as the major pillars of our internet.But interestingly the internet that we can access or that we mostly access using search engines are just about 5% of the total internet. The remaining 95% is what we call as deep web.Deep webis that part of the web which remains hidden from the search engines since the contents remain not indexed which might be due to variety of reasons like contextual web, dynamic content, limited access content, non-HTML/text content, private web, scripted content, software, unlinked content, and web archives.

The Deep web contains large number of information which include academic information, medical records, legal documents, scientific reports, subscription information, multilingual databases, conference proceedings, government resources, competitor websites and organization-specific repositories. Deep web is a mine of researcher or scholars who can have access to enormous types of data which they can consume for their research. These data include data for adoption research, lost relatives, veteran research, genealogy, background checks, legal research, academic studies and many more.

Deep Web Browsing Safety

Deep web or the dark web is safe only when you have a disciplined browsing attitude and also take proper steps for your deep web browsing.

  • Regarding safety you should first install the Tor browser, without which it wouldn’t be safe to browse the deep web.
  • The Tor browser helps to protect your identity while deep web browsing by clearing your cache and cookies every time when the browser is closed.
  • Next once you logged into your deep web, it’s quite a place to get you confused.
  • To your rescue would be the hidden wiki which is an onion directory.

Deep web directories contain popular links that would bring in useful sites. While there might be also other links which you shouldn’t click in case you are not sure about what that link is about. Tor browser can only protect online deep web browsing but in case if any malware lands up into your operating system, then tor wouldn’t be of any help. Next you should try and avoid downloading content anything from the deep web.

In case you want to setup additional levels of security to your deep web browsing you can consider the following tools.

  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Provides anonymity by masking your IP address. This is a must have for deep web browsing.
  2. Tails – This is a live OS which can be booted directly from desktop. It is specifically designed to protect user’s privacy and anonymity.
  3. Pretty Good Privacy – Also known as PGP, it is an encryption used for online communication.

Dark Web – The Worst Side of the Deep Web

There is another hidden dangerous subset of this deep web which is generally known as dark web. This area of web includes illegal information, Tor-encrypted sites, drug trafficking sites and private communications.

Deep Web have the darker section which is the dark web. The dark web contains illegal goods and services of all kinds. It a place for hackers, criminals, illicit drugs, pornography, child pornography, stolen credit card numbers, human trafficking, weapons, exotic animals, copyright media and many more things which one can just imagine.

Since these are high risk and hidden place, so anyone using or accessing dark web can be at deep threat if they fail to take proper security measures while accessing these areas of internet. There had been cases where a user didn’t take proper measure and end up risking their lives.

Also, these is a place which is monitored by government agencies like FBI, Interpol so anyone trying to access or trading can land up to their red scanner which can land one into a jail or interrogation. But if proper measures are taken then dark web is completely safe to perform your deep web browsing. To perform deep web browsing safely one can follow few of the best practices.

  1. Use a Tor browser which comes preconfigured to protect you against most of the threats which normal browser configurations would not be able to.
  2. If one has registered on any of the hidden service, one shouldn’t use their real names or email address. It always better to create a throwaway email which can always conceal your identity.
  3. In case you are involved in any commercial transaction, it’s better to use a site with good reputation. Also, never use a credit card or any card of that type for the transactions instead one can use bitcoins which will help them to keep their identity secret and also their details safe.
  4. In case of downloading any content it’s important to scan it with an updated virus to have your system free from hack and virus.
  5. In case someone is staying at a location where connecting at Tor might cause some problem, then one should use the Tor via a bridge. Although connecting via a bridge is not a foolproof method to hide that one is using Tor, yet it reduces the risk.
  6. Most important is one’s common sense. If someone is being friendly, it’s important and obvious to know or understand the reason for such friendly behavior. In case something seems to be too good, it always good to go by hunch although not to mention one should always keep high on their sixth and logical senses.
  7. To safeguard your interest completely, it’s best to connect through a VPN network and then use the Tor to completely have your security and safety.

Dark Internet

This is sometimes confused with Dark web.Dark Internet is generally databases, networks or even websites which mostly cannot be reached over the internet. Dark internet is rather an uninteresting place for general people where scientist store their raw data for their research. This is also a subset of the Deep web.


To conclude deep web and dark web is safe to use only when proper disciplined measures are taken while accessing them. Also, it’s very important to follow your gut feeling but also have your logical brain active during the access.

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