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No one is perfect in this world, we all should admit it. It is difficult to have a positive body image when we compare ourselves to the airbrushed magazine covers, and the people who get professional help to look extra-ordinary and glamorous. This is what we all do in our lives from childhood till we become adult and even in old age. This negative cycle is hard to break, and it definitely diminishes your self-esteem very quickly. There are ways to develop and encourage a positive body image and get out of the suffering of negative body image crisis.

First of all, we should start appreciating ourselves. We love art, architecture and music, and we appreciate it, but what about ourselves? If someone asks you to name ten things you like about yourself, you would probably have a hard time doing so, but at the same time, if you are to do the same about a music group, you would rattle them off. It is the duty of parents to develop talents in their kids and make them recognise their potential and abilities. Once a person finds his/her self-worth, there is no going back, and success becomes the destiny.

The parents need to lead by example to help their children develop a positive body image. Children are good observers; they see how you loathe your own image and they follow you. If you do something that is unhealthy, they might adopt it within no time.

Every child follows his parents as an example. Therefore, they must exhibit a positive body image to their children. Every child is a good observer; therefore, when they observe their parents complaining about their body image, they are tend to do the same thing. When you are doing something unhealthy, your children are bound to do the same. If you are always complaining about your body, then you must not expect form your children to have a positive body image. This attitude is very damaging to the mental development of the child; therefore, you must encourage positive behaviour among your children.

Everyone should practice a healthy lifestyle at home. Parents must encourage their children to eat healthy and get the recommended exercises daily. Healthy food gives you energy, and exercise makes you fit and stress free. Again here, the parents need to lead by example by taking healthy diet and going for exercise daily.

If you compare your child with other teens, you are damaging their personality.

Every person has a different body structure from birth. Therefore, children must not be compared with other children, and must not be forced to eat to achieve a figure like someone. You must encourage them for engaging in healthy activities.

Such a thing magnifies the insecurities in the mind of your child. Always dress your girl that complements her figure. For girls, mothers should be very vigilant and careful about body issues. Let them communicate the insecurities or questions in their minds, and guide them on the issues like puberty to avoid confusion.

These things will encourage negative behaviour among the young girls. Parents should encourage their children to open up to them, and share their insecurities and fears.You can also try walking for this you can join nearby walking groups or you can create your walking club and giving some fancy walking team  name to your walking club  In this way, you will be able to help, and guide them properly. Parents are supposed to be the best friend of their children, so they must have such a relationship with their children, which will encourage them to communicate openly with their parents. All these activities play an important role in developing a positive body image among the children.

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