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male breast

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Male breast is not exactly something that makes men happy, on the contrary. It causes irritation and uncertainty. We can also imagine that women do not get particularly hot from male breast. Fortunately, you can usually do something about it yourself. Smart dressing, good training and especially healthy eating. With these nutrition tips you will prevent or get rid of male breasts or gynecomastia.

Male breast is a problem for many men

Male breast is a problem for a large part of the male population. A recent study has shown that half of all men have problems with male breast, in different degrees. “If a man has problems with this, it’s almost always about fat and partly about mammary gland tissue,” said a cosmetic plastic surgeon. The ratio between them varies per person, but it is never just about fat in the male breast. Fortunately, male breast is fairly easy to solve, namely with a healthy diet and a good training schedule. Before we look at a healthy diet to get rid of male breast, we first go into the problem.

Types of gynecomastia

There are three different forms of gynecomastia, each with a different origin pattern and a different underlying causality ( source ) …

1. Physiological gynecomastia

Male mammary gland swelling is of a physiological nature at baby age and during puberty. This means that this form of gynecomastia is not abnormal. This is a normal/natural response of the mammary gland tissue to the body’s own/endogenous hormones.

The male mammary glands can start to swell again from middle age; as long as this is not based on a foreign body, this is also regarded as physiological gynecomastia.

2. Male mammary gland enlargement: non-physiological

Non-physiological gynecomastia concerns mammary gland enlargement in men due to exogenous influences (from outside, so from outside the physically and normally functioning hormone balance). Potential non-physiological causes of gynecomastia and other types of breast gland swellings, whether related or not, are already as follows:

Swallowing hormonal supplements

The side effect of certain medications

Metabolic changes in liver diseases or kidney diseases

The underproduction of androgen hormones by the testes

Excessive emotional and / or psychological stress

Hormone-producing growths

Male breast cancer, especially if one of the two breasts is constantly increasing in size

Mastitis: breast inflammation, breast infection and / or breast abscess, so inflammation, infections and abscesses of the mammary gland tissue

Please note: with non-physiological gynecomastia, mééstal cannot be found as an exact cause of the appearance of male breasts …

3. Pseudo-gynaecomastia in men

Incidentally, pseudo gynecomastia may also occur. In that case the mammary gland is not abnormal, but due to excessive fat storage/fat deposition / fat accumulation, visible or tangible ‘breasts’ have been created that consist entirely of body fat tissue and therefore have nothing to do with the evolutionary development and function of mammary gland tissue. This is in fact about the visible manifestation of overweight/obesity with consequent excess body fat accumulation in the breast region. This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as “pseudomasty” or “lipomasty”.

It may have to do with hormonal imbalance

The official name for the male breast is Gynecomastia. This usually occurs in men who have a high dose of estrogen and the estrogen-testosterone ratio is no longer correct. It often occurs in the teenage years because the hormonal balance is then incorrect. If it is a problem with older men, it often requires more research, such as blood tests, to discover the underlying problem. In addition to the fact that breast formation is visible with one or both breasts, it can also cause pain when touched.

male breast formation


The problem may develop as a result of certain medications or it may have to do with certain supplements. Many men do not realize that supplements have prohormone ingredients that can have these kinds of side effects. If your male breast are caused by hormonal imbalance, it is advisable to go to the doctor for this. This cannot be eliminated with medication, sports or a specific diet. You will either have to live with it or consider surgery. But if your problem is not caused by your hormones but simply because you are a little too fat, then the male breast diet below will help you on your way.

The male breast diet

If all goes well, you now know that only a good workout schedule will not help you further. If you really want to get seriously involved with a trained body, then your diet is essential. The cliché  abs are made in the kitchen is just right and also applies if you want to lose your male breast. Do not focus too much on details, first make sure that the big picture in terms of nutrition is correct. Start with a good breakfast and then eat two more good meals and possibly some healthy snacks. These foods have proven to be healthy and have a positive effect on your metabolism.

Good foods to avoid male breast formation

Cocoa:  cocoa has a positive effect on blood flow and digestion and also ensures that you are full sooner. You could drink it as chocolate milk or eat it as a topping with your yogurt or cottage cheese.


Quinoa:  this cereal seed is high in fiber, and contains essential amino acids and calcium. This all ensures a high metabolism, so you burn a lot of calories. You can easily eat this as a topping with a salad, which also tastes good.

Green tea:  there are studies that show that certain substances in green tea give your metabolism a boost. This does not necessarily burn extra calories, but when you exchange soft drinks for green tea you do achieve a lot.

foods to avoid male breast formation

Leafy vegetables: Leafy vegetables are high in fiber and iron, and also low in calories. Pay attention to how you eat this, a calorie-rich dressing achieves the opposite effect.

Chili peppers:  hot peppers are known to boost your metabolism. If you add half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to your meal, it burns 10 calories more per hour, for a period of 4 hours, compared to the same meal without the pepper. So try to add this regularly, this again results in a small profit.

Eggs:  full of iron, vitamins and natural proteins. Proteins also ensure a good metabolism, so you win a lot with this. You can add them to any meal or eat as a snack.

Beans:  beans are full of vitamin B and zinc, which increases the testosterone level and ultimately boost your metabolism. And if we think about it, you can add beans to almost anything, so this is a good food to eat regularly.

There are also foods that are not good, so keep that in mind.

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