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Skin tags, should I be worried?

First things first! you don’t need to be worried about Skin tags at all! Skins tags are only small, soft, skin coloured growths that kind of look like warts. You tend to get them in places like your eyelids, neck, armpits, breasts, groin or buttocks. Places where you tend to get friction but Skin tags are harmless and really common!

skin tagsYou’re more prone to getting skin tags if you’re pregnant, overweight, have type 2 diabetes or are a bit older. However, you can get them for no reason at all. We don’t quite know the main reasons for developing skin tags but there are theories like too much friction. Skin tags are harmless and shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort. You can get them removed if they affect your self-esteem or if they are getting caught on stuff like jewelry. One in four people will have a skin tag at some point.


Are skin tags contagious?

No there not! don’t worry. Skin tags don’t appear to be caused by an infection or caused by a virus. So you don’t need to keep your distance form someone who has one! There isn’t enough evidence to suggest that skin tags can be passed on by another person. Don’t get skin tags confused with warts or STDS as a lot of people do.


Skin tags aren’t cancerous either. There only small folds of skin that don’t look all that great but they aren’t cancerous! Most blackhead removal don’t need to be sent for biopsy either and can just be removed but if it is a larger growth your doctor might want to be on the safe side and get it checked further.


You can remove smaller skin tags yourself. People tend to use Tree Oil a lot to remove them but it can lead to irritation. It just depends on your skin but it does work. You will see signs of improvement from 3-6 weeks – so its a length process. If your skin tag turns black that means the blood supply has been cut off. This means it will probably fall off quite quickly. It can take about 3-10 days for this to happen. If you go to your GP they might encourage you to cut it off yourself. Your best bet is to wrap dental floss around it tight and cut the blood flow off even more than cut it with sterilized scissors. This doesn’t hurt at all either.

There are loads of home remedies you can try to get rid of skin tags but I would personally recommend visiting a professional and getting it done properly. That way I’d know it was done properly.  Companies like Snowberry Lane can do this for you.






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