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Eyebrow Threading

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Matching the eyebrow with the face shape has been the age-long desire to women specially. Out of the urgency of becoming more beautiful, removing unwanted hair from the eyebrow or from any other part of the body has been a practice within human civilization.  Well, we are talking about the ancient hair removing method- threading. Today, we come up with details of Eyebrow threading. Here we go….

History of Threading

Threading is a hair removal method which has been around for centuries. Specifically saying, it is one of the most popular and earliest forms of eyebrow shaping.  However, threading was also used to remove unwanted hair from other parts of the face, i.e. upper lip, cheeks, chin, and sideburns.

Eyebrow Threading

Though the exact origin of this method is unknown, many believe threading was practiced in Central Asia, the Middle East, and South Asian countries and subsequently it did spread far east countries i.e. China. However, in recent times this method of getting the perfect size of eyebrow gained immense popularity in western countries.

The reason behind this is that it offers a more perfect shape than waxing does and as well as it is less time-consuming method than the other hair removing method i.e. plucking or tweezing out hair where a single hair is pulled out at one time.

What is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is the method of hair removing process to get perfect shape matching with the face or someone’s own likings. Eyebrow threading became wide-spread due to the process which is simple or easy going. Additionally, threading brings up the perfect shape comparatively what other hair removal method does.

Techniques of Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is not a hard-to-do process. In fact, the threading process is quite simple. The process begins with a single piece of cotton thread. The technician or expert hold this thread in a  twisted configuration. Then, the technician moves their hand holding the twisted area rapidly back and forth across the hair, grasp and hold the hair, pool them out from the root completely and swiftly.  The hair is removed from the follicle level, without damaging the skin.

The whole process takes a maximum of 15 minutes. Different individuals have a different choice of eyebrow shape, so it is quite obvious to have a consultation with the practitioner to decide one’s choice.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

Why Eyebrow Threading is so popular in recent time? The list of benefits will provide the answer and compel you to give a try…..

No Chemical

Threading requires no dangerous chemical to do the job. Whereas the other hair removal procedure requires some harsh chemical that may sometimes cause side effects i.e. irritation.  The only thing requires for threading is a soft cotton thread, no other material.  If someone is prone to get redness or itching, this natural method of hair removing has a great benefit for her. Since no use of any sort of chemicals or drugs in the threading process, no chance is left of skin irritation or skin removal. Therefore, this ancient method keeps your skin free for vulnerable and damage situation.

Perfection- Get Precious Shape

Most probably this is one of the biggest benefits why many women prefer to go for eyebrow threading.  To get the precise and accurate shape of an eyebrow, threading can provide this beauty. This process can remove the shortest hair from the follicle, which sometimes left untouched in waxing. So, threading is the ideal option for achieving accurate and stunning eyebrow since it does not leave even any half-grown stray hairs.

Safe Method

As threading procedure is done with soft cotton at the surface level, there is no chance that it will accidentally scratch a part of the skin or grip the edge of a follicle. While there is even less possibility of an accident in the other hair removing method i.e. waxing, tweezing.  Who does like to take the risk?


Long lasting

Duration after a threading session depends on each individual and the hair-growth speed and hair type.  Sometimes this differs from person to person, however, after each threading; it does last for 3-5 weeks on average.  As the whole process results of the weakening of the hair follicles, it causes the growth in less density over time. So, eventually who does threading on a regular basis, the duration between threading increases after a few months.

Save time

If someone has almost no-time in her hand, still she can manage to beautify the eyebrow with this process. Unlike the other method which takes a much longer time- tweezing eyebrow hair one by one, threading is here the time-saving solution. The technician just weaves the cotton thread through the hair needed to be removed. This quick process consumes a maximum of fifteen minutes to complete. So anyone can get ready for the party!

FAQ on Eyebrow Threading

Does threading really hurt?

The question is a primary concern those who are the first-timer for hair removal processing. The direct YES or NO will not be the right answer. Whatever method it is, any sort of hair removal that pulls the hair up from the root will cause some sort of uncomfortable and pain – little or more. Some argue threading is significantly less hurting. Yes, comparing with other methods like waxing, threading is still bearable.

Does threading for all skin and hair type?

Yes, indeed. As long as someone has no high sensitivity(caused by any pill or medical drug),  or someone has gone through cosmetic surgery, anyone can opt to eyebrow threading to get a lusting look.

How much does threading cost?

Depends on the beauty salon where you go and the current state of the brows. However, between $15to $40 should be enough for a maximum of 20 minutes brow threading session.

Is threading better than waxing?

Yes, many prefer threading than waxing. Obviously, there are reasons too. First and foremost is the ‘precision’. The ‘experts’ can hone their creativity to bring a unique shape and one’s best look. The other reasons are that this eastern method is less painful comparatively and the favorable hair ‘grow-back-factor’.

We are done finally. We tried to outline the ancient yet popular method of hair removing. As per other aspects of our life, we try to reach the best and trustworthy person, say for example Dentist, dermatologist or hairstylist— similarly you should find someone for your eyebrow threading.  Before a session, do have an open conversation and let her know the desired shape.  And relax… You will have a face-match eyebrow.

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