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The foot massage below can be a complete treatment in itself, or for maximum pampering, you can follow your message with a few reflexology techniques.


  1. Sitting in a comfortable, supportive chair or couch, or on the floor, place the outside ankle of your left foot on your right thigh.
  2. Rub a drop of oil or lotion between your hands to warm it up, then gently stroke and rub your foot until it’s covered with the oil or lotion.
  3. Support your left foot by holding it with your left hand and begin to stroke the bottom of your foot with the knuckles of your right hand from your heels to your toes. Then, starting at the bottom of your heel and working your way up to the base of your toes, press your knuckles into the bottom of your foot. Move your knuckles up the foot by rolling them side to side while applying pressure. (Relaxing the toes will help keep the bottom of the foot relaxed and pliable.)Foot massage treatment
  4. Still supporting your left foot, massage each of your toes. Start at the base of your big toe, squeezing between the joints of the toe. Then repeat the same for each of your toes, ending with your little toe.
  5. Beginning with the big toe again, roll your toe between your fingers as you gently pull it away from the foot. Repeat for all of your toes, ending with your little toe.
  6. Holding the outside of your left foot with your right hand, grasp your toes with your left hand and slowly move them forward and backward to give them a good stretch.
  7. Hold your left foot in both hands, with thumbs pressed against the sole of foot, one thumb over the other. Press thumbs firmly into sole of foot and slide your thumbs up to the ball of your foot. Keep applying pressure as you slide thumbs away from each other across the ball of foot. Repeat a few times.
    8. Change your position so that you’re sitting with your left leg bent left foot placed against the edge of the couch (or flat against the floor if you’re sitting on the floor). Get another small dab of oil or lotion and rub it between your hands. Rub the oil into your lower leg from your calf to your ankle.
  8. Hold on to your left calf so that your fingers are wrapped around the front of your lower leg and your thumbs are crossed, one on top of the other, at your calf muscles. Applying pressure with your thumbs, slide down the back of your leg. Repeat, moving your thumbs slightly to the left and slide down the back of your leg again. Do the same on your right side. Repeat sequence a few times. Then massage around your ankle. You can rest your left foot on your thigh again and rotate your foot several times, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Then make circles around your ankle using your thumbs (or your fingers). You can massage your ankle sitting or in the same position as you used in massaging your calf.
  9. Repeat steps 1 through 9 on your right foot.



Foot steam treatment can make a difference between tired aching feet and happy feel-good feet. It was traditionally used in China 2000 years ago. It includes soothing steam, Chinese herbal medicine, and essential oils all followed by a relaxing reflexology massage. You can use a facial steamer to produce steam easily. You can visit Facial Steamer Reviews for your targeted facial steamer.

Note: steam your feet for a minimum of five minutes to a maximum of thirty minutes


Promote blood circulation

Detoxification (Acne)


Eliminate blood stasis

Relax your muscular tension

Final Words:

Foot massage treatment has a lot of benefits. These types of treatments make wonderful effects as it provides long lasting health benefits for us. Try our methods and process at home and let us know what is happening.

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