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Remember that safety is the priority while dealing with a wasp nest. Wasps can be deadly as they are over territorial and aggressive. If you get into their territory, they will attack you, and you will get stung.

To avoid any property damage or health risks, rely on professionals for this type of work as they have the experience and the safety equipment specially designed for these types of jobs.

If you get to find a wasp nest, please don’t take any chances. In case you try to knock it down or use any other methods, it might just backfire on you!

What not to do while removing a wasp nest

You will find a lot of tutorials online on how to remove a wasp nest by yourself. But most of them are dangerous and are presented to you the wrong way!

  • Burning it up

The use of fire while removing a wasp nest is a very deadly task, and we suggest not to do that at all.

Wasp nests are made of extremely flammable substances. Trying to burn that might result in your property catching fire, or you might end up getting some severe burns.

Burning a wasp nest without safety equipment is deadly because they will indeed give you some wasp stings as you try to invade them.

  • Using Water

People often tend to use water as a way to remove wasp nests. Well, it isn’t the ideal way to do it.

What if you have a wasp nest in your attic or basement? You don’t want to flood the whole place up and destroy your valuable things while trying to remove a wasp nest.

Maybe you have that wasp nest somewhere where water is not a problem, but even then, water is not going to kill all the wasps living inside. But you will only make them violent and get some stings all over your body.

  • Knocking it off with a bat

While wondering about how to get rid of a wasp nest, you might have got a stupid idea of knocking it off with a bat or racket of some kind. By doing this, you will shock the wasps, get them aggressive, and end up getting stung.

Getting close to the nest is like giving a threat call to them. So, even before you approach the hive, you are most probably going to get attacked.

The correct way of removing wasps

The ideal and the best way of removing a wasp nest is by calling a pest control pro. Pest control workers are equipped with the right materials and are experienced in this job and can ensure total safety while removing a nest.

Here is why you should hire a professional:

  • Safety Equipment: A pest exterminator has loads of safety equipment specially built for the purpose. They have access to PPE and RPE that gives them 100% protection from wasp stings.
  • Expert Knowledge: A pest control worker has specialist knowledge of different kinds of wasps; they know about their behavior in different situations, and they know how to handle it well.
  • Professional Products: Pest exterminators can access many products that ordinary people don’t have access to. They have expert knowledge of using different pesticides and products correctly so that no harm is caused.

Steps to remove a wasp nest (DIY)

This is how to get rid of wasp nests without any professional help:

  • Approach the nest at night time, slowly being quiet.
  • Take a big trash bag and cover the nest.
  • Detach the nest from where it’s attached to.
  • Seal the bag tightly.
  • Keep the trash bag outside in a trash-can with a tight lead and wait for the garbage truck to take it away.

It is better to get a can of pest control and spray it over the nest before you attempt to remove it.

Sometimes the wasp nests are at a place that is hard to reach. And just in case if you are unsuccessful in removing it entirely, you might end up getting hurt. If you are allergic to wasp stings, stay away from any such act completely.

Preventing wasp nests

  • Keep regular maintenance to ensure that all holes and cracks are sealed.
  • Installing fly screens on the windows and doors is a great way to prevent wasps from entering your property.
  • If you have a garden, install wasp traps all around it. They are easy to access, and they can be purchased from any nearby DIY stores, or you can just order them online. As an alternative, you can watch a video on how to make them yourself online.

Position of the wasp nest

The position of the wasp nest matters a lot while removing it yourself. If the wasp nest is at a high place where you need to use ladders, avoid it. Don’t hurt yourself trying to get rid of wasp nests.

In the process of wasp nest removal, wasps inside tend to get very aggressive, and they try to attack you.

 When you are standing on top of a ladder, there is a high risk of you falling if they attack you. Call for professional help in this case.

To do’s if you get attacked by wasps

While under attack, stay calm and try not to do sudden movements because that will excite the wasps more.

Moving too much and slapping on your body will make it worse because you will just get the stings deeper into your skin, and the wasps will get more violent.

Call for an ambulance immediately and also a pest control to get the wasps under control. Call for help and services near you.

Suppose you live in London, then call for pest control inside London and an ambulance from the nearest hospital because there is no time to waste.

To sum up, we will recommend you not to DIY in this case. It is a dangerous job, and seeking professional help would be the best!

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