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Who doesn’t want to get rid of unwanted body hair? The parlors have made waxing extremely convenient. However, in this fast-pacing world, we can barely fetch time out of our busy schedules and visit the parlor regularly for a grooming session. In such cases, knowing how to wax at home using natural ingredients and techniques can come in handy. Waxing at home saves you the effort of having to step out of the house, is an economic procedure and also helps you to save time. With proper practice and preparation, you can get smooth skin from the convenience of your home.

Things to Keep In Mind Before Starting To Wax

It is important to know the tricks which will help you to survive the waxing session with great ease.

  1. Examine The Length Of The Hair: Before your start plucking your unwanted hair off, make sure that your hair grows to a certain length. It should measure at least ¼Th part of an inch so that it can be easily grasped and removed. Apart from that, if your hair isn’t long enough, don’t go for unnecessary waxing as frequent waxing can cause loosening of the skin.
  2. Avoid Exfoliation: Exfoliating right before waxing can expose the skin to more pain, burns and allergy. However, you can choose to exfoliate a couple of days before you have planned to wax.
  3. Don’t Moisturize Your Skin: Once you apply moisturizer before you wax, it acts as a barrier in between the wax and the skin. This makes it difficult for you to pull the hair out. It is advisable to moisturize your skin the previous day so that it doesn’t feel dry while waxing.
  4. Make Sure You Use The Correct Products: Using the wrong products can damage your skin, increase its age and also lead to the loss of your skin glow.
  5. Take Proper Care Of Hygiene: Make sure you clean your hands, the pieces of equipment, the place and everything else before waxing. It is important because there might be chances of small nicks and cuts during waxing. These cuts can make give vent to the invasion of bacteria, leading to infection.
  6. Ice the Sensitive Areas: This will help to reduce the pain to some extent. Applying ice helps to numb these areas and reduced the pain during waxing.

Different Types Of Waxes You Can Try At Home

You can try out a variety of waxes of different kinds.

    1. Sugar Wax: This is a common form of wax that has been used for centuries. It is made up of ingredients like lemon, warm water and sugar. This kind of wax helps to pull out the hair from the roots without causing any harm to the skin.
    2. Fruit Wax:This kind of wax consists of extracts of fruits like berries, bananas and has ample nutrients. This wax doesn’t cause allergies and is extremely gentle. It also contains large amounts of antioxidants.

  1. Chocolate Wax: This wax has ingredients like glycerin and almond oil. It is much more effective and much less painful as compared to sugar wax. However, this is slightly expensive.
  2. Cold Wax: Good for “on-the-go” use, this kind of wax doesn’t require to be heated before being applied on the skin. They are available in the market in form of strips. They are extremely fuss-free and easy to use.
  3. Hot Wax: In this technique, heated wax is used for removing excess hair. This kind of wax is usually used to remove unwanted hair from the larger areas of the body. The wax is first melted in a pot and then applied on the skin with an applicator. Waxing strips are then gently placed on the wax and then pulled. This helps to remove extremely thin hair from the body.

Be Careful While Waxing

  1. Check your skin for cuts, bruises or any kind of injuries. Avoid those areas and wax the areas around them
  2. Regulate the temperature of the wax according to your requirement. Make sure that the wax isn’t as hot as to burn your skin. Also, make sure that the wax isn’t so cold that it doesn’t spread on your skin.
  3. The direction in which you are applying the wax is important. Figure the right direction in which the hair is growing. The growth might appear to be haphazard in some of the areas. In those areas, try applying the wax from different directions.
  4. Do not apply wax over one area repeatedly. This can lead to rashes, burns and redness.
  5. In case of a burn, stop the procedure immediately. Rub ice over the burnt area and wait for the redness to subside.

Post-Waxing Precautions

After a waxing session, it is important to pamper and soothe your skin. This will help to bring the skin back to normally. Here are a few steps that you need to follow:

  1. Wear Loose Clothes:Loose and breathable cotton clothes are a great option after a waxing session. Tight clothes can suffocate your skin.
  2. Do Not Apply Thick Creams: Thick cream can cause to block the pores, making it difficult for the skin to breathe.
  3. Don’t Go Out in The Sun: Going out in the sun after a waxing session increases the threat of skin tanning and sunburn.
  4. Don’t Scrub:Waxing removes all the dead skin cells. In such a case, scrubbing increases the risk of a rash.

The Advantages Of Waxing

Stated below are the advantages of waxing:

  1. Once waxed, you can stay at peace for 2-6 weeks because the unwanted hair will not start to appear before that.
  2. There is reduced ingrown hair.
  3. Regular waxing reduces hair growth and also makes the hair thinner.
  4. DIY waxing techniques are economic, quick and hassle-free.

Disadvantages Of Waxing

  1. Waxing is painful.
  2. It can cause irritation of sensitive skin.
  3. It can cause burns if not done properly.


This article gives a detailed idea if you are about to carry out a DIY waxing service. Make sure you make your choices right. However, if you are still not sure about any of this, consult a dermatologist so as to avoid any kind of skin damage in future.

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