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Nuru Massage

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Originally from Japan, Nuru massage has swiftly made its way over to the Western world and simultaneously exploded in popularity. Having many more unique features than traditional massage, it’s no wonder why this form of massage has caught on so well.

Key Benefits of Nuru Massage Therapy

Nuru gel as opposed to traditional oils are used for this therapy. This novel type of gel is actually made from seaweed – Nuru actually translates to seaweed in Japan. It is this that gives the gel its slippery texture. This works completely differently from traditional massage oils that we are used to in the West. Another plus point of using the gel opposed to oil, is that it is very easy to wash off after your massage session. Quite often, removing massage oil can be quite a laborious process. Being odorless also gives it an advantage over normal massage oil.

To perform the Nuru therapy in an authentic fashion, a blow-up mattress is used. And not a massage table as we are often used to in a traditional massage. This massively aids the slippery body to body massage strokes, making the whole process a really unique feel and giving it a truly unique flow.

Traditional massage therapy can be a great way to relax. It is also quite a sensual massage for those that like this side of the therapy. Certainly, these days it’s no problem to locate a Nuru massage in London, or anywhere in the UK with the new found popularity that this massage has found itself.

Other Great Benefits of Massage

Sleep Better

The deep state of relaxation that one can achieve through massage, is great to promote sleep. For those that suffer with debilitating ailments such as insomnia, which can really affect how we operate on a day to day basis, then a massage can provide the perfect tonic. Many of us are aware of the various issues that can arise from using medication to improve our sleep patterns. Not only do they have many unwelcome side effects, but it can also be quite challenging to actually come off the medication. This is why we believe that a natural approach to conquering such ailments is both safer and a much more natural approach.

Stress and tension

In today’s fast paced world, we are all going a hundred miles an hour. Whether it be for work or family, stress and tension are a couple of things that be an unwelcome byproduct of such a lifestyle. This is where a holistic approach to combating them, can be a great thing. With the various kneading and muscle manipulation that takes place in a Nuru massage therapy, you will find yourself floating to a different dimension. His allows one to put all their cares and worries to one side and enter a deep state of relaxation. Using massage on a regular basis can work wonders. It can help in getting away from negative and stressful thoughts can really help to clear the mind. Additionally, it’s great for stress and tension.

Having a holistic method of treating such ailments, as opposed to medication is a big plus point. Studies have shown stress to be responsible for up to 90% of chronic disease. Therefore, using any natural therapies can only be a good thing.


Nuru massage offers a unique experience. If you think that Nuru massage therapy could be for you then what are you waiting for! Watch your stress and worries melt away with this amazing therapy.

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