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Prevent Appendicitis

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What is appendicitis?

In the human body, there is a 3.5-inch long tube of tissue. It is mainly an extended part of the large intestine. However, appendicitis is the condition when the appendix becomes inflamed. Here we talking about Prevent Appendicitis.

According to medical science, the appendix doesn’t have an important contribution to the human body. In fact, a person can live happily without any problem if the appendix is cut out from his body. As a result, when appendicitis happens, the appendix is removed from the body through an operation. If it is not done, an inflamed appendix can burst and spread infectious materials in the body, specifically in the abdominal area. That’s why the urgent operation is needed if appendicitis happens.

However, nobody wants to be laid on an operation table if it is not a must. So, if you can keep appendicitis away, you may be able to avoid an operation. To keep appendicitis away, we need to know the exact reason behind it.

Prevent Appendicitis

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The Reasons behind Appendicitis

If there is any blockage in the appendix line, it may cause infection. Because of the infection, bacteria grow up in that region. The rapid growth of bacteria affects the appendix and creates inflammation.

After that, appendix becomes filled with pus and creates pain in the abdominal area.

There might be some other reasons behind appendix becoming inflamed, but this is the most supported reason. So, we can take it as the primary cause of appendicitis.

How to Prevent Appendicitis?

There is no proven way of preventing appendicitis. We can only try to prevent the inflammation of appendix by maintaining a healthy and sound food habit.

However, it is seen that kids under two years don’t have the possibility of developing appendicitis. After two years of birth, the possibility of developing appendicitis is high. People of 15 years old to 30 years old have the most probability of developing appendicitis. That doesn’t mean that others are in a safe zone. Appendicitis can happen to anyone.

However, if you are searching for a way to prevent appendicitis, there is bad news for you. Scientists haven’t found any firm way of preventing appendicitis yet. So, you can’t avoid the tension of being attacked by appendicitis until appendicitis attacks you and the doctors remove the appendix from your body.

But there is definitely a way. Yes, there is a chance of avoiding appendix. Some ways to be in the less risk of appendicitis are given below-

  1. Fiber-rich Diet: If you follow a diet rich in fibers, the risk of being attacked by appendicitis will be decreased. A study has found that people who eat meals that are rich in fiber develop less risk of being attacked by appendicitis. However, it doesn’t mean that following a fiber-rich healthy diet will keep you safe from the appendix. But it surely will reduce the risk.

The fiber in foods makes the stool soft and heavy. As a result, your stool becomes easy to pass. Thus it comes out easily instead of getting stuck near the appendix.

When there is no stool trapped in the appendix or abdominal area, no blockage or infection happens. As a result, the process of appendicitis can’t take place.

Fiber-rich foods contribute to preventing appendicitis in another way. Not all the bacteria are harmful to our body. There are some beneficial bacteria too. Fiber works as fuel for those bacteria to improve the immune system. Thus it reduces the possibility of appendicitis.

So, you can see that fiber-rich foods have a good potential to keep appendicitis away from you. Some examples of fiber-rich foods are given below-

Fiber-rich Fruits: Apples, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, oranges, mangoes, guavas, persimmons, etc.

Fiber-rich Vegetables: Dark-colored vegetables like broccoli, carrots, artichokes, etc. and potatoes are some fiber-rich vegetables.

Here, you have to make sure that you are eating a balanced diet. So, if you increase the amount of fiber in your diet, you need to increase the intake of other food elements too.

  1. Exercise: Doing some exercise regularly may reduce the chance of developing appendicitis. If you do exercise regularly, you’ll develop protection from almost every kind of diseases. Exercise also prevents inflammation. As inflammation in the appendix is the main cause of appendicitis, it is believed that doing exercise regularly will prevent appendicitis.
  2. Posture Improvement: If you have a bad posture, your body won’t run smooth. On the other hand, having a good posture will allow your body to function properly. As a result, problems like inflammation will occur rarely.

So, try to improve your posture by practicing to make sure that you are developing less risk of appendicitis.

A Wrong Perception about Appendicitis

Some people believe that eating spicy foods is a major reason behind appendicitis. But this is totally wrong.

It is true that eating too much spicy food creates a burning-like pain in the abdominal area, but that is certainly not the pain of appendicitis. So, you can keep the habit of eating some spicy foods.

But I am not suggesting you eat too much spicy food. Maintain a maximum level of spice. Eating too much spicy food at a time may cause death sometimes. So, you have to be careful about it. Besides, when you eat spicy foods, chew those properly before swallowing. This will make the digestion process quick.

Final Verdict

It is proven that there is no way to prevent appendicitis fully. All you can do is following some tips that may keep this problem away. Tips provided above are those. Hopefully, those will help you.

Still, if you face symptoms of appendicitis, don’t be late to contact your doctor. Besides cutting the appendix away, there are some more ways to treat appendicitis. Your doctor will help you with the right solution.

If you are late, there is a chance of falling into big trouble. The explosion of the appendix may cause life risk and some extra pain. So, don’t forget to consult a doctor as soon as you feel pain in the abdominal areas.

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