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honey water

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Before the first emergence of human civilization, honey has been used by the human as one of the most popular foods. It was familiar as a great source of nutrients which brings many health benefits.honey water It is a marvelous booster of energy and the great source of carbohydrates. Maybe you only know about honey or warm water but many people are unaware about wonderful benefits of combining honey and warm water. honey has a lot of benefits if I want to discuss all I can not finish it ever. so, I am going to tell you a little bit about honey water.

why mix water with honey

You may just drink a spoon of honey and get the health benefits, but when mix honey with warm water that means it helps to enter your process very faster, whereas it is detached down more than pure honey. Helps to hydrate your body by the merger of water also, raise blood flow and makes it so the nutrients can get passing in the region of your body faster.

who want the full package, try every morning mixing warm water and lemon in your honey

How to mix or prepare honey water

one tablespoon of honey has to mix with one cup of lukewarm water. The solidity should be like to blood plasma. Before processing this mixture, the body does not need much time.


At first heat the water for 2 minutes, try to use pure water because ordinary tap water contains too many minerals and chemicals.

Pour the water into a mug and let it cool little but the water should be light warm but it should not be too warm, adding honey to the boiling water (too hot) will destroy the good healthy enzymes of honey.

Add one to two tablespoons of honey into the mug, if you do not like sweet add one tablespoon.

Nod the water until it melt.you may use the same spoon that you have used for measuring the honey, because of you will not waste any honey by this way.

Now you may taste the honey water and you may add more honey if you like sweet much. Honey is supposed to be only light flavored water, I think you don’t want to drink something that is like pure honey.

while It is still hot you should drink honey water before being cold for this reason you will be most benefited.

Reduces inflammation

Honey hold on plenty of quantities of compounds as like flavonoids and other polyphenols. Which may operation as an antioxidant, that means it minimizes long inflammation and combat with bad inflammation. Our body gets inflamed because of producing hormones like prostaglandins that is made for fighting off with infections and help heal tour body. But sometimes our body produce these type of hormones when does not need and that’s why they do harm rather than help. honey will help to remove these type of disused element and because of that inflammation. for this reason, honey water is a great medicine for Reducing inflammation

keep body on the normal cycle

Honey is known as easy therapeutic medicines, and mixed honey with warm water and lemon stimulates catarrh production in the entrails, aiding in Insomnia of poisonous headaches. It is also familiar to help with light constipation due to this feature. It means that for keeping your body on a regular cycle, drinking a small amount of honey water every morning that is why you will be benefited. Always try to take it on an empty stomach.

Increase energy

Honey can give you much more energy in a hygienic way than synthetic confectionery because it is full of natural sugars. Mixed honey with water that honey water will provide your body more hydration and improve the flow of blood to the brain. when we add lemon juice with honey and water as well,  it helps to push out toxins of our digestive system, that is a source of Sleepiness.

Fights bacteria

Which pathogens normally have a bad effect on our normal health in that case honey actually subdue the accrual of pathogens by its natural acidity. Honey has features that help to fight with bad effective bacteria including Dangerous nonpathogenic and microorganisms and that is why honey is a very well known as an antimicrobial.

increase immune system

With having a direct antibacterial effect, honey may help to clear out infections through encouraging the body’s unassailable system to fight infection. The natural glucose of honey is called an explosion of breathing, which finds our cells worse bacteria and is necessary to help your immune system.

Helps with weight loss

you should drink honey water as an alternative to soda. when you desired a sweet drink, you may drink honey water, and you will be benefited from natural sugars over the vacant calories of synthetic sweet stuff. Every day morning you should drink one or two teaspoons of honey with warm water, because of it will help with weight loss. you should know that, three hundred four calories in hundred gram of honey, it is very good for our digestive system,  It is work as an antiseptic, it is work as a very good antiviral, it is work as a very good antibacterial, and the honey water magically alleviate your stomach, if everyday morning you drink honey water at first. honey water also relieves acidity, in this way giving your digestive expansion a good wash.

Reduce Allergies

Many people suffering from allergies even men, women, girls, boys also baby’s. I am suggesting you take honey to reduce your allergies just like black roses in a box. honey is very good antiseptic for allergies. For reducing your allergies you may drink honey with warm water, by using raw, or you may use honey directly on your skin. if you do it regularly, of course, you will be benefited. on this other hand by using it regular basis your skin will be smooth, lovely, soft. especially girls should do it regular basis. I also suggest you know more about the benefits of honey water.

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