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Teeth Turning Black

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When you see your teeth are turning black, there could be a number of reasons behind it. A black tooth is a problem for all because it affects smile. It also makes you confidence lower. As a result, you must get rid of a black tooth.

In order to get rid of the black tooth, you need to know the reasons behind it. I have already said that tooth blackening happens because of a number of reasons.

Let’s see what those are:

1. Foods and Drinks: Teeth blackening may occur from the foods and drinks you take. Drinks like coffee, tea, wine, cola, etc. can turn your teeth from white to black. When you’ll drink these drinks for a long time, and in a huge quantity, there is a high probability that you’ll face black teeth problem.
Besides, some fruits and vegetables also cause teeth blackening. Potato is a vegetable which is responsible for teeth blackening. Apple is another reason behind tooth blackening.
So, you need to be careful about those drinks and foods. I don’t suggest leaving those foods and drinks. You can consume those, but make sure that you aren’t taking those regularly and at a huge amount.

2. Tobacco: Tobacco is a major reason behind your teeth turning black. If you smoke for a long time, you’ll face teeth blackening. You’ll see that most of the regular smokers have got black teeth.
Smoking isn’t the only way of turning your teeth black through tobacco. If you chew tobacco in different forms, the same will happen to you.
So, maybe it is time to leave smoke. If you can’t do so, try to reduce smoking. This will not only reduce the risk of teeth blackening but also saves you from many more diseases. The same goes for tobacco chewing.

3. Poor Dental Hygiene: If you don’t take care of your teeth properly, blackening will happen. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth properly every day, the effect of the above two causes will work more quickly. This will turn your teeth black easily. Using poor toothbrush also doesn’t let you clear your teeth properly.
In this case, you need to brush your teeth properly every day. To improve brushing, you can use electric toothbrushes. Besides, if you floss, do it properly by taking some time. I know you won’t mind investing some more time for the better dental condition, will you?

4. Medicines: Some medicines can turn your teeth black. Antibiotics like tetracycline and doxycycline make the teeth black when those are at growing stage. There are some other medicines those turn mature teeth black.
In order to get rid of this, ask your doctor to give medicines that won’t turn the teeth black. Sometimes, if you leave taking the medicine, your teeth start to gain the previous color. In this case, it is better to continue the medicine if it is for a short period.

5. Diseases: There are certain diseases which can turn your teeth black. Those affect the enamel of your teeth and lead to teeth discoloration. Besides, treatment of some disease also turns your teeth black. For example, chemotherapy is a reason behind teeth discoloration.
Pregnant women can be affected by different tooth diseases. At that time teeth blackening may also happen.

6. Environment: The environment is also sometimes responsible for teeth blackening. Some environmental conditions have effects on your teeth. For example, if there is excessive fluoride in the environmental sources, you’ll face teeth discoloration.
In this case, if you can, try to change the place. Otherwise, try to find out the source of extra fluoride and reduce the use of it. Thus you can be safe from teeth discoloration caused by the environment.

7. Aging: Aging is also a reason behind teeth darkening. As you grow old, the outer layer of enamel starts to damage. As a result, the protection washes away, and the natural yellow color of dentine comes out.
In this case, you may take some consultancy from the doctor and have medicines to reduce it. But as it is a natural process, medicine may not prevent it fully.

Teeth add a great value to your look. If you get those black, you won’t feel comfortable. So, you should take necessary steps as soon as you face teeth discoloration. By taking proper measures and making a change in the lifestyle, you can easily reduce teeth blackening. If you don’t get a good result, consult a doctor because teeth blackening may lead to some major diseases.

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