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Exercise is very vital in your muscle-building journey. It is through working out that the body
tissues undergo wear and tear. For one to build lean muscles, they have to subject the muscles to
this process. Muscles do not develop during the workout; it is after exercise that muscle growth
begins. Therefore, what you take after training is very vital as it either aids in your muscle
growth or stagnates them. Below are some of the supplements to take to enhance your muscle-
growth journey:-

                                           Whey protein

Protein is necessary for the growth and repair of muscles. Thus, consider taking whey protein
as your post-workout supplement. Whey protein is a milk protein-containing bioactive protein. It

is quickly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, thus initiating exercise recovery. By
consuming whey protein immediately after a workout, you supply amino acids to your muscles.
Amino acids are essential to the muscles as they facilitate repairing and growth of tissues.
Besides, the whey protein is reasonably affordable and available.

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Among the non-essential amino acids produced by the body is beta-alanine. You can also obtain
beta-alanine from sources such as meat and fish. As compared to most amino acids, beta-alanine
is not used for protein synthesis. However, it is the key precursor leading to the release of
carnosine. Carnosine plays the role of reducing muscle fatigue during heavy exercise.
Additionally, carnosine increases the body’s capacity in buffering acid and reducing the damage
level to muscles. This thus prolongs the time fatigue may take to kick in.

                                        Omega-3 fatty acids

You can obtain omega-3-fatty acids from numerous sources such as fish, plant oils, e.g. flaxseed
and soybean. Taking omega-3 fatty acids will reduce the amount of time your muscles take to
recover after exercise. Besides, they have anti-inflammatory properties, thus decreasing muscle-
soreness and chronic inflammation. Their influence is on the muscle cell membrane. They affect
membrane fluidity, production of cytokines, and receptor function, thus lowering the effects of


You lose a lot of crucial electrolytes through sweating, including magnesium. Thus, by taking
magnesium as a supplement, you are replenishing your magnesium levels within the body.
Additionally, magnesium enables your muscles to relax. This counteracts the working of
calcium, which contributes to the contracting of muscles.

Magnesium helps your body to convert glycogen to glucose. Inadequate glucose leads to the
accumulation of lactic acids leading to fatigue and muscle soreness. Constant muscle soreness
after exercise could be an indication that you are not supplying your body with enough

Surprisingly, low magnesium may be to blame for your lack of sleep after working
out. Magnesium promotes better sleep by increasing the production of melatonin, i.e. the sleep
hormone. Also, it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, thus calming the body.

                                      L-glutamine supplements

Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid. On top of being a building block of protein, it is also a
vital part of the immune system. Although the body naturally produces L-glutamine, there are
times it is inadequate in the body, thus the need to supplement it. Some of the factors that deplete
the glycogen stores are trauma, burns, and prolonged exercise.
L-glutamine supplements decrease muscle soreness as well as speed up post-workout recovery.
By taking L-glutamine, you are fueling your body for more days of training. Also, for long-
distance runners, it is useful in boosting your immune system, thus preventing you from falling
sick after the event. Furthermore, L-glutamine can stimulate the metabolic rates, therefore,
burning calories in less time.


Using the amino acid leucine, the body is able to make HMB. Leucine is famous for its ability to increase strength while decreasing body fat and preventing muscle soreness and fatigue. HMB
prevents protein breakdown. It increases protein synthesis while minimizing protein breakdown.
Thus, this combination aids in enabling you to gain muscles as well as strength. If seeking to
resume your training soon enough, then HMB id the supplement that you may be missing out on.
It will boost your muscle synthesis while slowing breakdown thus enabling you to resume your
workout schedule soon.


Creatine is both a safe and effective post-workout supplement. Creatine is naturally found in the
cells as a molecule. Taking it as a supplement adds performance and health benefits to you as a
sportsman or woman. Creatine increases your strength gains as well as muscular health. Also,
creatine enables you to gain lean mass.

It is useful in reducing body fat, inflammation, and it aids in neuron and muscle repair.                                    Moreover, creatine is essential for energy production within the
cells. This thus means that your body will be ready for your next workout session. Fortunately,
for those seeking to build muscles or hit the gym on a vegan diet, creatine will do wonders for
you too.


It is possible to obtain supplements from one's diet. However, there are certain supplements you
can purchase on different sites. Some of these supplements are BCAAs and Anavar. Anavar aids
in fat loss post-workout by increasing the body's metabolic rate. Branched-chain amino acids,
BCAAs, comprise three essential amino acids. These are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The
body is unable to produce these amino acids, thus the need to acquire them in the form of

supplements. BCAAs have a fast effect as the muscles quickly absorb them without first
undergoing metabolization by the liver. They reduce muscle soreness and damage after strenuous
exercise. Also, they promote muscle growth as they stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Anavar,
on the other hand, is effective in producing lean mass and increasing strength; it reduces water


Poor nutrition and inconsistent training will interfere with the working of these supplements.
Thus, supplements should not make you abandon your practice or neglect the need for a good
meal. Ensure that you take a meal that is calorie surplus. This is to obtain the additional energy to
enhance the muscle recovery process leading to increased muscle mass. Also, staying hydrated
after working out is very crucial to replace the water lost in the form of sweat. Lastly, be patient
with your muscle-building journey as it will take time for you to see results.

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