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Dry Spots

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Have you ever wondered “How to get rid of dry spots on face?” This question may bother you all the time especially in the winter. Our face skin is the thinnest, so it’s very fragile and be damaged. It’s easy to be dry and dehydrated. And the cold weather in the winter makes it more serious. Wearing makeup couldn’t help just make it more serious.

If you don’t know how to get rid of dry spots on face, here are some useful tips for you. Recommending you check online course reviews to be the next beautician from home.

Use warm water not hot water

Warm water can relax your muscle face and open the pores. It helps your skin is easier leaned. Hot water is a natural exfoliation but it can hurt your skin and make it dry. So you can use the hot water when you want to remove the dead cells on your skin but never use it for daily routine.

warm water

In addition, on a hot day, you should use the cold water to reduce the heat on the face and make it more comfortable.

Cleansing gently

Just massage gently when clean your face to avoid the injury and harmful to the texture skin.

You should you the mild facial cleansers because some soap cleansers have the substances are harsh to your skin. Just look at the ingredient and make sure it’s free alcohol. Because alcohol steals the hydrate and makes the rash. Moreover, it can lead to acne on your face.

You should use the soap contains ceramides which are the fatty molecule was found in our outer layer skin. Many cosmetic products have synthetic ceramides due to the fact that they help to keep the moisture.

Using the soft cloth to pat your face

This is a helpful tip for you when you are trying to learn how to get rid of dry spots on your face. Be careful when chose the cloth to dry your face after cleansing. Because a hard cloth can injure your skin. Make sure that you pat your skin, not you rub it because of rubbing just make you have more dry flakes.

Using a moisturizer

After washing the skin is been more weakness and dehydrate. So we need to apply a moisturizer lotion or cream to provide the moisture for the skin. Chose the moisture with the ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin in the ingredient list to help your skin to keep moisture inside. To avoid greasily you should choose a non-comedogenic or lightweight moisturizer.


Considering other helpful tips below

All above is about the good routine for a dry face. I will give you some special tips to help you when you wonder how to get rid of dry spots on face.

Shaving smart

You often shave the unwanted hairs. But do you know that when you shave both your hairs and your oil? It can irritate and make your skin dry out. So to avoid that you should shave right after you cleanse your face due to the fact that at this time your hairs are softer and pliable which make you easier to remove them. Another thing is making sure that your razor blade is sharp. You should regularly replace them. Don’t forget to use the shaving cream to protect your skin. And cleaning the blade with alcohol for the one you have used it before.

Using petroleum jelly to protect your skin

Petroleum is the great thing to keep your skin’s natural moisture. Apply a thin petroleum jelly layer on your face will be helpful to protect your skin especially in the winter when your face is attached to the cold air and high winds. This is a non-comedogenic it won’t block your pores. So don’t worry about irritation or acne. With the question “how to get rid of dry spots on face?” this is a great ideal.

Covering your face

In the summer, your face needs to protect against the hard UV rays. It burns your skin and makes their color is darker. You can use sunscreens with high SPF. Apply about 10 minutes before you go out.

In the winter, you need 15 SPF sunscreens to protect your face from the sun rays. Another way is that using the face mask to keep your face away from the dry air and high winds. During the winter time, you should cover your face as much as possible to avoid losing your moisture.

Using a humidifier

Dry air steals your moisture the most. And it also makes you feel uncomfortable. You can solve this problem by running a humidifier in your room.  A humidifier is so important for your sleep. If you don’t want to wake up with much flaky skin on your face. Try to keep your room above 50% humidity.

Using an aloe leaf

An aloe leaf has properties like the lotion and the creams which help to maintain the water on your face. Cut the leaf and apply it on your face to make a face mask and leave it overnight. In the morning after you will have soft skin. Using it regularly once a week to have the best result. If you don’t have aloe tree you can use the products have the aloe vera in the ingredients.

Using coconut oil

There are many types of coconut oil. The virgin coconut oil is the thing you need for skincare. The coconut oil can lock in and replenish your skin’s natural moisture. This oil also consists of the fatty acid that is good for your skin.  Besides, the coconut oil layer is the coat to protect your face from the dry air. Apply the coconut oil on the face about once or twice a day to have a softer skin. If you can’t find coconut oil you can use the olive oil or jojoba oil.

Using fruit juices for dry skin

When can’t find the oil to solve the question “how to get rid of dry spots on face?”. There is the thing that is easy to find at home is juices. Juices have rich water and necessary vitamins. Mix the juices like watermelon or pineapple with some drops of honey to make a face mask. This mask will replenish the water for your face

Now you had some helpful tips to “how to get rid of dry spots on face”.  Hope you will have a healthy and beautiful skin.


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