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What is Vitamin ‘A’

The community of unsaturated nutritional organic compounds is vitamin ‘A’ that contain retinal, retinoic acid and also Different pro-vitamins ‘A’ carotenoids, in fact all type of vitamin ‘A’ comprise a ring ofmbeta ionone with an isoprenoid chain linked which is mentioned to as the retinal community. Both structures are required for vitamin activity. Vitamin ‘A’ is a fat liquefy vitamin that is also a strong antioxidant.

Health Benefits of Vitamin ‘A’

Vitamin ‘A’ is a necessary vitamin required for eyesight, gene transcription, Help improvements immune function and in the normal prolongation and maturation of supports skin health and cell growth, Protects Eye health very much, Provides unassailable support, Fights-galling and Helps prevent cancer.

Deficiency of vitamin ‘A’

The deficiency of vitamin ‘A’ may lead to night blindness and grow up a viral infection, however deficiency is only considered a problem in developing countries where it is the main cause of blindness in children. It also can loss of appetite, skin Damage, nausea, peeved, Risk Pregnancy and even hair loss. Pregnant women can undergo from night blindness and unborn baby if her vitamin ‘A’ intake isn’t Enough.

Vitamin ‘A’ required

The daily amount of vitamin ‘A’ required by adults is

0.7 mg per for day men and

0.6 mg per day for women.

for increasing eyesight and born growing and helping to protect the body from infections where vitamin ‘A’ plays an important Introduction. It enhances the health and growth of body cells and tissues and especially hair, bones, nails, and skin.

Ages 1 year to 3 years required 300 micrograms

Age 4 years and up required  400 micrograms

 Easy ways to get vitamin ‘A’

Vitamin ‘A’ is available in the oily form of flour, eggs, milk and fish and which produces carotene with green, yellow and orange vegetables.Vitamin

7 Palatable Vitamin ‘A’ Food Sources:

Vitamin ‘A’ is necessary to the diet due to the innumerable functions it performs in the body.

Vitamin ‘A’ is available in various foods as a retinal ester dissolved in fats. The small intestine converts the retinal esters to retinol, which is then absorbed by the gut. Vitamin ‘A’ can also be obtained from the diet as the yellow-orange pigment beta-carotene, present in carrots, squash and green leafy vegetables.

Beta-carotene is structurally similar to vitamin ‘A’, being composed of two connected retinyl groups, but only has 1/6 the biological activity of pure retinol. Regular consumption of foods rich in retinol and beta-carotene will ensure adequate levels of vitamin ‘A’ in the diet and will help prevent the outcomes of vitamin ‘A’ deficiency.

7 easy ways to get vitamin A. rich vitamin ‘A’ foods are Liver, Dairy products, Egg, fish, Spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, lettuce, dried apricots, cantaloupe, bell peppers and tropical fruits.


  1. Liver

The liver is very much high in vitamin ‘A’. What makes liver an even more Interesting source of vitamin ‘A’ is that it carries retinal in its pure form. Mammals, birds and fish liver usually eat as food by humans. butcher shops are widely available with pig, ox, lamb, calf, goose, chicken and cod livers.There are many yummy ways to make and cook liver by burning and stewing.

  1. Dairy products

Dairy products contain many nutrients that are important for good health and nutrition. Dairy food or milk products are produced from or containing the milk of mammals. Margarine, butter, cheese and cream all have good vitamin ‘A’ contents. Another best way to get vitamin ‘A’ is from the dairy product . but be careful with using too much dairy products. if you don’t want to increase risk of heart disease to go with your vitamin ‘A’.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are wonderfully rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. They are also very rich in vitamin ‘A’. breakfast with eggs is a sure way to get enough vitamin ‘A’.eggs is qualified for the food ranking system of us as a very good source of choline and a great source of iodine and molybdenum. eggs is also a great source of vitamin ‘A’.

  1. Carrots

The carrot is a root vegetable that is often claimed to be the perfect health food.Yellow and orange vegetables are both very rich in beta-carotene. Carrots and squash are versatile vegetables that can be included as main ingredients in almost any kind of dish: casseroles, soups, stews, pies.These delicious vegetables are very good for the eyes.

  1. Spinach

Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin ‘A’, it is also a good source of Niacin and Zinc, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Protein. Low in fat and even lower in cholesterol. Next to carrots, spinach is probably the richest source of beta-carotene among all vegetables. It is preferred that spinach be served simply boiled to avoid losing all of its important vitamins and minerals, it can also be mixed in stir-fry dishes, stews, pastas and quiches.

  1. Red Bell Peppers

Red Bell pepper helps to keep eyes strong in the night. this foods are rich in vitamin ‘A’, which helps to boost strong eyesight. Red bell peppers are also very much rich in vitamin ‘A’ and beta-carotene. you can try it with pizza or broth.

  1. Mangoes and Apricots

Mangoes and apricots are also pleasing exuberant in vitamin ‘A’. you can eat this food spick and span or juice, also you may add them to pastries, cakes for a grand dessert. This food is very minor in impregnated fat, Sodium and Cholesterol. this food is also a nice source of Vitamin ‘A’ and food Fiber and a very good for protein

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