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Personal Injury

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Personal injury is a legal term that refers to any injury to the body, emotions, or mind. In the personal injury lawsuit, the injured person seeks monetary compensation from the person who caused that injury.

According to personal injury solicitors Dublin, the typical personal injuries are-

  • Injury during a car accident
  • Slip, trip and fall accident
  • Accident at work

Usually, the injured person gets compensated for his medical bill, wage loss, and diminished quality of life. But this lawsuit may take some time to resolve. So it is always useful to have personal injury protection insurance or PIP insurance.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance

Personal injury protection insurance covers your expenses when you get injured. It can be a part of your car insurance or life insurance. PIP insurance covers personal injury claim regardless of whom caused it. 

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PIP insurances cover a lot of things like lost wage, medical bills, essential services, and even death. But not all PIP insurances are equal. The amount that a PIP insurance cover varies from company to company. So before buying any PIP insurance, you should know about these following things.

Things you need to know before buying

Personal injury protection insurance may cover anywhere from $1500 – $250,000 or more. This completely depends on the insurance policy. A right PIP insurance will help you to reimburse you for the damages made by personal injury. An insurance policyholder must know what types of expenses the insurance will cover. They should also know other relevant information about their PIP insurance before buying.

1. Things that should be covered by Personal Injury Protection Insurance

PIP insurance covers expenses for many things. A right PIP insurance must include some of these expenses.

Lost Wages

PIP insurance might cover some of your wages if you lost them due to your injury. For example, you are a restaurant waiter, and your hands get injured. If you are unable to work because of that injury, you will be covered for the wage you lost. Some insurer does not offer coverage for a lost wage. Because it may cause additional expense for the insurance company.

Medical Bills

All PIP insurances will cover your medical bill. But not all will cover the same. No-fault insurance may cover your necessary medical bills up to coverage limit. Usually, things like surgeries, X-rays, blood tests, rehabilitation, and ambulance fee are considered essential medical bills. In case of a car accident, some insurance companies will cover the medical bills of all passengers in that car.

Essential Services

Most people need the help of others after an injury. Some insurance companies will help you to pay the people you hired. The basic essential services include child care, housework, and things like this. But this type of coverage is not as common as medical bills and death benefits.

Death Benefit

Sometimes, PIP insurance cover for the death of an insurance policyholder. The insurer gives a small sum of money to the members of death’s household. The money from PIP insurance is minimal compare to life insurances. The amount may depend on any available PIP benefits. 


Some PIP insurance will cover for the funeral of the policyholder. They cover a limited expense for the funeral determined by the terms of the insurance policy. In some areas, the funeral is costly. A PIP insurance coverage for the funeral may not be enough. For death benefit and funeral expenses, life insurance policy is better.

2. What is not covered by Personal Injury Protection Insurance?

PIP insurance does not cover any expenses not related to personal injury. Sometimes PIP insurances do not cover even if you get injured. PIP insurance does not cover for the injuries caused by the following things.

  • If a person intentionally injured himself by car accidents or other means
  • PIP insurance only covers personal injury. It will not cover any expense for your car or property damage
  • PIP injuries do not cover injuries caused by rebellion and wars.
  • If the policyholder gets injured because of any crime. For example, a person was fleeing from the police and get into an accident during fleeing. The PIP insurance will not cover any of his medical bills.
  • It does not cover the medical bills that exceed the coverage limits.
  • If you injure other people, the PIP insurance won’t cover his medical bill. The PIP insurance covers for the policy holder’s personal injury

3. Who will be covered?

Most of the time, personal injury protection insurance cover expense for the policyholder. But in some cases, the family member or other people get the benefits. If the PIP insurance is an extension of your auto insurance, these following people will get compensated.

  • If your family members are with you during an accident, they are eligible for the insurance.
  • If there is another person who gets injured with you, they will get compensated.
  • The policyholder would get the coverage of his injury if his car got hit by other cars.

4. Others

There are also some other factors important, like coverage limit and installment amount. You should know about them before buying a PIP insurance.

Coverage Limit

The PIP insurance will pay at most the coverage limit of the insurance. Suppose you had a $2500 of PIP insurance. If you get injured, you will get at most $2,500 for your treatment. PIP insurance will not cover the additional expense. If you get injured with your children in a car accident, both you and your child will get $2500 coverage each.

Installment amount

Before buying a PIP insurance, calculate how much you need to pay each month. This monthly expense may create an extra burden on you financially. Always choose a PIP insurance in which you can deposit the monthly installment without any financial pressure.


Personal injury protection insurance can help you to reimburse your expenses during an injury. Some states require PIP as part of your car insurance. But mandatory or not, having PIP insurance is always a great idea.

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