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Miscarriage is the unwanted loss of the baby in the mother’s womb in the first four to five months of pregnancy. It is considered as a loss of fetus permanently, and hence it creates a huge effect on the mind and body of the woman who suffers from a miscarriage. It is doubtlessly an unfortunate event, but at the same time medically it is a risky incident also.  There are a number of reasons both internal and external which causes miscarriage and there a number of symptoms of the same. The most common are mild to severe back pain and cramps in the lower abdomen which can be often worse than normal menstruation cramps. Sometimes even before the bleeding starts, the mother might experience intolerable back pain along with other symptoms. You must keep in mind that mild cramps and pains are common during pregnancy, but if it is consistent, you must consult a doctor. Doctors sometimes give anti-spasmodic and pain relief pills to alleviate this sort of pain. But if there is a miscarriage, the pain is often unbearable, and you might adopt some home remedies as well.

Use hot bags: Hot bags are generally rubber bags which are filled with warm water, and it is one of the commonest ways to relieve you from menstrual as well as miscarriage pains is to apply mild hot water bags in the back region of the body. This reduces the pain by relaxing the muscles and by diluting the blood clots in the lower abdomen region.

Hot bags

Have lukewarm milk: A glass of lukewarm milk along with peanuts and almond can give you some comfort. You might feel nausea and puking thus being unable to eat properly. A glass of milk not only provides you with some level of comfort but also makes sure that you are properly hydrated and fed.

Raspberry tea: Drinking raspberry tree can be helpful to reduce pain after a miscarriage. The raspberry prevents the artificial rupture of membranes, and therefore women consuming this tea are lesser prone to miscarriage cramps and pains.

Raspberry tea

Homemade potions: A mix of a tablespoon Amla juice with honey consumed in the morning or a tablespoon of bay leaf and a half cup of milk can provide some relief in case of miscarriage pains and cramps.

  • During a miscarriage, there is a discomfort in the uterus leading to intolerable amounts of pain. It is important to relax the muscles and support the uterine health to provide cramp relief which might occur in the pelvic region, in the back or the lower abdomen. You can consume black haw herb to relax the uterus and take raspberry supplements along with kratom strains pain to boost the uterine health over a period.

Miscarriages can cause both mental and physical pain you should avoid foods which can cause miscarriages. Whereas the mental trauma can be overcome with the help of regular counseling and a supportive family, the physical pain can be overcome with a little bit of effort and personal caution. There is no supplement to natural home remedies, so why not do the necessary.

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